As original as One Day and as heartbreaking as Me Before You

This Last Kiss

You can't run from true love for ever

Rora Raine is finally coming home to Hastings, twelve years after she left her grief-stricken father, and fled the love of her life, Carl.

Struggling to support her bright but troubled daughter, Rora has convinced herself she’ll never love again.

When she meets a bumblingly charming stranger, Rora’s heart begins to thaw.

But, try as she might, she can’t run from true love forever.

Publisher: Zaffre

First published: 30/06/2016

Reviews for this book

'Any fairy-tale worth its salt has many dark moments as it does stolen kisses…'

Jenny O’Brien

"I'm so glad I found it - I recommend it most highly"

Being Anne Reading Book Blog